Monday, 16 June 2014

Feckin shin splint

Friday 13th June - well here we are again, another early start and another train journey to the start of the walk in Wakefield. We both slept well and had to drag ourselves to the start of the walk

Today's Lesson: 17 miles yesterday was a long way in the heat, especial after completing 75 miles walking the Speyside Way the week before carrying 10 - 12kg packs

Eventually we left the urban sprawl of Wakefield to return to the Canal where we left off the day before. Today would see us following the Trans Pennine Trail and cycle route (62/67) past the canal into fields and wooded valleys. 12 miles being the planned day that would see us arrive at Barnsley to  return home home on the train.

Neither of us was in a particular rush and the pace was more leisurely and more sedate.  As we entered the village of Heath with its village green and the old hall, we stopped for a short break where Rachel mentioned that one of her legs did not feel quite right, but if we took it steady would be ok.

We left the village and a few miles further skirted the old pit village of Walton, heading into the old colliery site that has now been transformed into a beautiful nature site. Sitting on the grass Rachel casually mentioned that her leg was not much better, in fact it might be swollen, in fact it might be a reoccurrence of a shin splint.

!@£$%^&*()_+ was heard in the air. "So we set off on Monday for nearly 12 weeks", we both said, how can we continue that?

Well we are both cyclists too, so after some deliberation we discussed the feasibility of Rachel following me by bike - not literally, and it was decided that was how we were going to continue. One on foot and one on a bike......for as long as it takes.

At the end of the nature reserve we spied a bus stop and headed home, much forlorn. Me to continue with DIY and Rachel to put the frozen peas on her leg, foot up and the telly on...

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