Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Bex to Martigny

Monday 27 July 2015 - 23 kilometres

After the long previous day and a very arduous climb to the convent, today was to be a relative easy one. All four Pilgrims virtually set off together and in Saint Maurice we stopped off in the Abbaye Saint Maurice, parts of which date back to the Middle Ages. The sister at Les Polous are from the order of Saint Maurice. 

We left Saint Maurice behind and was soon climbing into the woods along the side of the valley. Our path took was to take us over a bridge across a wide gorge, but the bridge had been washed away, a clear indication of the amount and force of the water that comes from down the mountain. We made a detour up the mountain side to cross the gorge that currently resembled more of a stream rather than a raging torrent. We descended the hillside to happen across a pub / cafe with a table and seats outside so it would have been rude not to stop. Once again we had our morning coffees and I took the opportunity to get some air to my feet and to dispense to first aid to them. After about ten minutes our fellow Pilgrims appeared and as they reached us asked me how my feet were, I pointed to the battered and plastered appendiges and Margy just burst out laughing.......She did however apologies, but I did understand her mirth. Bert asked how they had got across the gorge and they replied that coming across the broken bridge they had just gone to one side and walked across the stream!

Our fellow Pilgrims carried on and we were also soon on our way, the day being an uneventful one until we arrived at the Pisse Vache waterfalls. Now I don't speak French but it has since been pointed out to me the literal translation of that name. The first part well it speaks for itself just make it the second word of the sentence and you have cow p**s waterfalls..... 

From the waterfalls we ambled through orchard before arriving at Martigny. We had not booked accommodation and so headed to the local church office to seek a bed for the night. We were again received with open arms and enthusiasm and after completing all the paperwork and receiving a Pilgrim stamp for our passports, we were taken to our own flat. In Martigny they have a small flat available that consists of a working kitchen with some limited supplies, a bathroom with a bath! And a dining / bedroom / living room. All this for just twenty Swiss francs a night....an absolute bargain. There was just one very small almost insignificant problem... And that was the distance between the two single beds.... I think you might have been able to get a piece of paper between the beds...just! But they were definitely two single beds

After the hot days walk we went in search of some sustenance and more of our five a day with two beers each and then to the supermarket to stock up on supplies. It is very expensive for everything in Switzerland so with that in mind I volunteered to cook for Bert, nothing elaborate just a pizza and a fresh salad all washed down with a bottle of local white wine.

We retired to bed early and despite the close proximity to each other we both slept well.

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