Sunday, 20 September 2015

More rest and recuperation......but in luxury!

Distance from Pont Saint-Martin 21.8km Distance from Dijon 448km

Monday 3/8 - Tuesday 4/8/15

So I found myself in forced rest due to ill health and needing the bathroom every two seconds. I spent the first day at the Al Castel bed and breakfast asleep. By the following morning I was still feeling washed out, breakfast was served at 8.30am as we had asked for and was a small banquet of delights. Fresh fruit, pastries, yogurts, cereals, juice etc etc etc. Unfortunately I was only able to succumb to a coffee and a pastry. With breakfast over and with very little strength I stayed around my room, making use of the small lounge area and the covered terrace to get fresh air. Once again taking the opportunity to sleep when the need arose.

I was fortunate on two fronts as Rachel was a vey able and willing nurse to tend to my every whim and the bed and breakfast was free for us to take advantage of an extra days rest. The thoughts of donning a large pack and walking at that very moment a daunting thought.

By late afternoon and with bathroom visits becoming less urgent and less frequent I was now starting to add increasing morsels of food to my depleted body. 

The afternoon continued to provide a surprise in the form of two additional guests who's room was suddenly prepared and they as soon, arrived. Now I am not one to caste assumptions but after a couple of hours he appeared and returned to the room carrying plates of food from somewhere! Maybe they needed to replenish their energy levels.... A few hours later they left never to return.........

By 7.30pm it was our turn to head out for something to eat and we headed off to somewhere that had been recommended to us. I don't think that there were any tourists in town because the hotel restaurant turned out to be the locals haunt. The food was very nice but Rachel's was very plain. I don't think herbs or spices are used on the continent, if they are we never ever find them in our meals. My meal choice was the blueberry and mushroom risotto. Now I would never have considered blueberries in a savoury dish but to be honest once I had recovered from the colour of the meal it was surprisingly different and not altogether unpleasant. With full tummies we strolled back to our room to watch a movie.

By the next morning I was definitely feeling much better and raring to go for a walk. Once more a breakfast banquet was awaiting us and we both indulged to excess. After setting the bill and saying our goodbyes we were on our way to Ivrea.

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