Sunday, 29 October 2017

Stage 5. A rest day ahead!

Stage 5 blog. Vetralla to Viterbo, 19th October 2017

Distance from Rome: 110km

After a good night's sleep and the chance to have a leisurely breakfast of our choice ( and it not being brown), we left early. The route took us along Via Roma the main street and we took the opportunity of having a look in the San Francesco church, but as there was a mass taking place we just popped our heads in and carried on our way.

On this occasion it was an easy path out of the town and within twenty minutes we were surrounded by green fields. The first few hours of the day passed by quickly as we meandered through olive groves and vineyards before crossing over the Via Cassia once again.

We chose to take five minutes, get the shoes off to air the feet and have a piece of fruit. Just before we set off again we were joined by an Australian couple and took time to exchange pilgrim stories of our travels and experiences. We were advised that there was a picnic area in our direction and with Buon Caminos exchanged we were all on our separate ways.

At the picnic bench overlooking the vast plain of Viterbo below we met two more Pilgrims and again swapped stories briefly before they set off. Claire and I remained where we were just chatting, eating and savouring the view below us, knowing that somewhere down there was our bed for the night and a day's rest from walking.

After a long break we packed up, making sure that we were leaving no trace and moved on. Our journey once again took us through olive groves and an ancient trackway before descending under the via cassia road.

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