Sunday, 28 June 2015

Enforced rest and recuperation

Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th June 2015

500 metres completed

Well now for a weekend of nothingness. It was good to arrive last night to a place I am familiar with and I have always had a good experiences with the Ibis chain. To walk into the room for the first time and see a bath albeit a tad small, well absolute heaven. The joy was almost cut short when I realised that there was no plug for the bath or the sink. But like a true boy Scout I soon improvised with a travel flannel and a full 1 litre Sig bottle. The effect was so good that when my skin started to resemble a dried prune I knew it was time to get out and pamper my feet.

I had spied a pizza restaurant two minutes away from the hotel and with the thoughts of fresh pizza dough and mozzarella stringy cheese hanging off my face I was soon beetling my way there. The thoughts of a taxi did cross my mind, but, well I needed the exercise. As someone who tries to keep to a healthy diet I was soon tucking into a tuna pizza with fries and half a litre of red wine, well that must be my five a day at least there. With no washing up to do, the sun beating down and all the time in the world I even pushed the boat out and had a coffee as I immersed myself once more into the latest Karin Slaughter book - Cop Town.

After a restful night I woke up once more (that’s always a good thing to do……wake up that is) with the sun streaming through the windows. The sun never ceases to lift my spirits, even when faced with a situation I currently find myself in. Virtual enforced imprisonment.

Now I know that does sound harsh but I am trying to get my feet repaired as soon as possible. So after a very healthy breakfast, where I had consumed as much as I could possible eat to last me the whole day, it was back to my room to rest. I really was not surprised to see other guests look at me as walked around like I was treading on red hot coals, wincing at every step.

Once in my room it was just a case of keeping entertained, Facebook, e-mails, book and a nap…..well it’s hard work doing nothing. Late in the afternoon of Saturday I felt the urge for some fresh air and so I embarked on the painful and long journey across the road to the train station cafe and a large fresh coffee. It was nice to sit outside in the sun for a while and watch the world pass me by.  After a while my feet were starting to tell me they were not happy not being up and rested, so with no opportunity to elevate my feet it was back to my room.

By now the routine was starting to kick in, Facebook, mail, surfing the net, reading and dozing. It is amazing that the world is now such a small place! I received a Skype video call from my Grandson Alex aged 7 and my daughter and it was good to hear what they had been getting up to since I last saw them. Alex excitedly told me all about the fun he had at a Beaver activity day and his eyes lit up when I showed him the view from my hotel window and how sunny it was. All too soon we said goodbye promising another video chat in the future.

By 7pm I was getting peckish so once again I headed back to the restaurant. I had viewed the menu on-line and where I was unsure of a French word used Google translate, so by the time I got seated, once again outside, I knew what I wanted to eat. I stayed as long as I dare, enjoying the buzz of people around me and then headed back.

Sunday morning and my right foot was definitely feeling a bit more normal, but again enforced imprisonment was looming ahead. Once again I gorged myself on the all you can eat breakfast buffet, one of my favourite foods is the pureed apple yogurts you get here. It’s just like baby food, so tasty and part of the five a day diet. So five of them would be all my five a day completed, no I didn’t eat five…..although I am sure I could have, they’re that good!

With my routine in full swing I retired to my room but today was going to be different as in the middle of the morning I had a visitor. I was so excited when there was a knock at the door, Monsieur - Bonjour…….I called excitedly wee, wee entree! And in walked the maid to clean the room, well it was so nice to see someone else it really made my day.

Just after lunch, once again I plucked up courage and paddled over to the train station shop for a coffee, this time sitting outside in the shade for a couple of hours as i was starting to get fed up of being stuck in my room. In no time at all I was back there.

Now my time has expired here in the hotel and due to the increased room rates I am forced to move on. I will be sad to leave here as in some ways it is a luxury to have your own room, be able to spread things around you and have a huge double bed all to yourself. Tomorrow a new adventure looms, an early bus journey to Pontarlier and the International Youth Hostel there. The room rate is very favourable for my enforced sedentary period and there will be other like minded people around me hopefully. The downside is it will be a single bed in an eight bed dormitory with very little privacy, but then that’s life and one mustn't grumble.........much!

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