Monday, 22 June 2015

Monday 22nd June 2015

Here we are again - Dijon to Rome via Assise

Well a lot has happened since the last blog last year apart from the obvious of being a year older and wiser. Things have not been altogether quiet, a web site is about to be launched as we speak detailing the new Pilgrim route completed last year.  

Maps and day stage walks are freely available for everyone to follow in the footsteps of the ancient monastic Pilgrims. Walk routes can be followed as a serious of either day walks, walks from Cistercian Abbey to Cistercian Abbey, walk just through the UK to Canterbury or all the way to Citeaux Abbey in Dijon.

There is even a walk within a walk. Three of the Abbeys were described by a 12 century Augustinian Scholar as ‘the shining lights of the North’ and can be completed over a long weekend. See the website for the details. (address above)

This morning I woke to retrace my steps back to Dijon today and to Citeaux Abbey tomorrow,  albeit by train from home and a twelve hour leisurely and uneventful day.  Thankfully not having to rush for trains due to being prudent and allowing for decent gaps between each leg of the journey. 

I arrived to my host for the evening Gaelle Marchal who kindly has a sofa bed I can use to rest my head. The weather here in Dijon is warm and humid, so after a quick hello it was straight into freshening up and the start of what will be many diary pages to follow. 

For this leg of the journey my French translator, walking buddy and bestest friend in the whole wide world, my wife Rachel is home, now in full time employment but not subsidising my travels. I am still eeking out my savings until I am forced back to work myself.

I am not all alone, my green Irish friend has jumped into my rucsac again and yes ‘Wee Man’ is back on his travels and you can follow him along the way on the new Abbey Walks Face Book page. As always I welcome any comments or feedback along the way, and over the next twelve weeks to my final destination.

Wee Man sneaks through passport control unseen!


  1. Hi Tony and Rachel. Jess/Jens Dad/Hubby here. Have a great walk and enjoy every minute. Very envious. Jess heads off to Japan soon for her next walk . 88 temples... or less if there are earthquakes :-) . Must be something we said. Regards David

    1. Hi David, great to hear from you, we must get together again when I get back. I am looking forward to reading Jess's Japanese tales, hopefully she will manage to complete a blog. Would love to join her but it's a long way by bike. I hope she doesn't get converted in one of the temples. My dad was worried I was going to become a Monk when I mentioned I had found a new vocation.