Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sad to leave Sister Lucy

Sunday 27 July

Would you believe it - it seemed that the puncture that I had fixed the night before had gone down overnight !   I made best use of the half hour before breakfast and donned my rubber gloves and located my spectacles.  I bruised my legs ( again ) whilst turning the bike upside down ( is it possible not to bang ones shins when performing this exercise ? ) I executed all necessary actions as required and located yet another puncture - that’s 4 x puncture plasters on this one inner tube now - looks great !  

We had breakfast in the guest house with the other guests hosted by Sister Lucy.  It was toast and ( homemade by the nuns ) jam and tea or coffee.  Fine with us.  There was again much informal chit chat and lots of hilarity around the breakfast table this morning.  
We said our farewells and left Sister Lucy and our very memorable stay behind us.

Onwards and upwards to Therouanne.  Weather was unsettled - my fleece was worn for the first time in weeks.  The distance today was not as big as some so we felt relaxed and pleased that we would have some down-time later in the day.  We criss-crossed another major road and then settled at one side of it.  Our approach of our destination village was from on high so the end of the walk / cycle was an easy one.  

We arrived at our ‘ Pilgrim’s Hostel ’ in mid afternoon, and were the only inhabitants = good. The place was great - fully equipped kitchen, washing and drying machine, wet room and loads and loads of toilet rolls - aaah the luxury !  We had planned to stay here 2 x nights but despite all these great facilities and the space to ourselves there was no internet / wifi connection.  We had much internet activity to do so we changed our plan and stayed only one night instead. 

Distance 7.7 miles

Distance since Helmsley - 547.45 miles

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