Monday 22 January 2018

St Augustine Way - A Gregorian Mission - Part 2

Saturday 20 January, 2018
Well after a long day we've arrived and as three Pilgrims we will walk the 29km to Sarzana in the morning. This will be the second stage of the new St Augustine Way - A Gregorian Mission. The route starts in Rome and finishes at Canterbury Abbey and will be launched in 2019.
We will be walking for 2 weeks along the Via Della Costa to Menton, then I'll be on my own following the Via Aurelia to Arles.

Day 1
An early start from Massa to Sarzana today - 29km although it is possible to make it shorter during the tourist season and accommodation is more available. 
The route took us through terraced vineyard high above Massa passing Roman and Medieval architecture and marble factories along the way. The weather was 15 degrees and sunny, perfect for shorts.....maybe tomorrow.
Today I saw my first Coypu swimming in the canal just outside Sarzana. The day ended with a walk up to the military Fortress Sarzanella that overlooks the town and a cold beer in the Piazza.