Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bog snorkelling

Friday 8 August

We both slept well under the stars in our tent and managed to get it down before the rain set in for the day. We breakfasted on our favourite Oat-So-Simple porridge ( Summer Fruits + Apple and Cherry ), and departed within 1.5 hours of getting up.  Before we left the campsite we were both in full waterproof gear…..o what joy! I think you can tell I am not a lover of walking in waterproofs.  

Leaving Perone we went our separate ways early on with Rachel in the security of having a solid surface to cycle upon, and me not knowing what kind of terrain I was next to come across.  Well, today was bog snorkelling day !   

I headed onto the first and only track of the day that was not tarmac. The first 5k I followed the old railway line and not long into it wished I had donned a wetsuit and snorkel. I spent most of the morning trying to walk forwards but in reality only managed a left and right movement as I tried to dodge the endless and incessant deep and muddy puddles that countless wheeled vehicles had created. I was now starting to resemble a greasy mud wrestler.  I came across a huge tree that had been blown down and now laid across the track, obviously it has been here for years judging by the lush green canopy. My pole dancing skills came in handy as I battled through the tree, slipping and sliding on the boughs.  In the guide book I am using it mentions that this section is not possible for horses due to the obstacles. Well I think an addendum should be added that mentions not possible for humans unless you are and ex-pole dancing mud wrestler and wearing full wetsuit, breathing apparatus or snorkel.

I did survive…….but only just.   Rachel was shopping in Aldi - it’s everywhere here, while I was battling for my life.  After the railway line we met up in the village of Cartigny and dined on apricot and custard filled croissants for elevenses. 

This day was a relatively short distance day which was something of a treat for both of us.

Distance - 12 miles
Distance since Helmsley - 670.85 miles

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