Saturday, 2 August 2014

Farewells until Sunday

Thursday 31 July

Today we were heading for Bruay La Bruissiere, a town on our route from which Tony was travelling back to the UK for a walking weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, of all things !  I had a hotel booked for the 3 nights that Tony was away, and couldn't wait for the tv, en-suite, wifi, air-con and no fresh air.  

The majority of the day was on the flat, where we met easily at points in villages.  We then finished the approach to the town together.  We checked into the hotel and had a few hours before we headed to Bethune train station to see Tony off.  Tony very kindly left me with his dirty washing ( expecting it to miraculously turn clean for when he arrived back on Sunday ) and other misc gear that he didn't need for the weekend.  

It was bus to Bethune, then train to Lille for Tony where he was booked into a hotel that evening ( then Eurostar to London the next morning and train to Leeds … ).  We said our farewells at Bethune and I made my way back to my lovely quiet hotel room.  I decided that during the next 3 days I would only go out to get food and to the bike shop down the road to get a new rear tyre since it was letting in so many sharp objects of late.  

Distance - 17.70 miles

Distance since Helmsley - 596.05 miles

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