Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rest Day

Tuesday 29 July

Rest day had come, and we were very pleased about that.  We had plans to do some more booking of accommodation amongst other admin for the days and weeks ahead.  

The sandblasting workmen were back to create another dusty day, but we were lucky that our room was away from the noise and disruption so we settled in there.  

We did need food for the day though, of which I had been unable to find any the day before.  We have regularly found that even though it’s clear that a village may have 500 inhabitants there are practically no shops.  I have rolled through a village that had a butchers shop but no bakery - seems very odd to us, but obviously not to the french.  Fortunately I had indicated to our hostess that we were in need of nourishment to see us through the day and she offered me a lift to the ‘local’ supermarket.  I jumped at the invitation.  We drove what must have been 5 miles to an Aldi ! It’s clear that almost everyone must have a car to be able to fill their cupboards with food, or they need to grow or bake it themselves.   

The rest of the day was good - we had did things we needed to do ( including put a plan in place to replace Tony’s phone ) , we ate, and we watched a film from ITunes for the first time since leaving home - it was refreshing to be taken to another world for a few hours.  

Distance - 0

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