Monday, 7 July 2014

More monster nettles

Thursday 3 July

Another sunny day greeted us - hooray !  We felt well rested after a very good night’s sleep.  
Villages passed through today were Turvey ( with it’s modern day living Abbey and The Priory of Our Lady of Peace - a Benedictine Priory and Monastery ), and Astwood.   Tony followed the Ouse Valley Way, and the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk through lush colourful fields of rape seed, the crop which has been identified as the one which most often scars his legs. 

A milestone ( well 300 actually ! ) was reached at Astwood, where Tony sung the slightly adapted Proclaimers Song ‘ i have walked 300 miles da de le de ’ whilst supping a pint of HSB at the White Swan Pub.

We were in F1 country.  We overheard a discussion at the White Swan pub between a wealthy private individual and a sports car simulator manufacturing company where the customer couldn't decide wether to purchase 2 x £ 40k items, or just one £ 100 k item - for private use only !  We finished our beer and lime-n-lemonade and went on our way ….

The approach to Cranfield looked straightforward on the map, but it didn't take into account a new housing development by Bellway Homes that sat on a chunk of ground that Tony’s path was to run through.  As as result of his path being blocked, and no diversion having been put in place a few expletives were muttered and a very tiresome detour was made.  

We stayed at a Guest house run by Jean Campbell, and very comfortable it was too.

Distance - 11 miles

Distance since Helmsley - 308.45 miles

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