Thursday, 24 July 2014

Rest day ……. or so we thought!!

Monday 21 July

We rose fairly leisurely and headed into the city for breakfast by bus. Wow……don’t they go so fast and they even have very comfy seats to sit on. 

We arrived at our breakfast venue, plugged in all our electrical equipment to recharge and gorged on our breakfast, savouring every mouthful, but refrained from licking the plates. We both made lists …..yes even I made one for all the various purchases and actions that needed to be completed before we left the UK to resume the walk in France. Needless to say the planned mornings activities followed by a quiet restful afternoon never came to fruition and it was late afternoon before we have completed all that was required. We jumped back on the bus and like giddy kippers headed back to the campsite.

We decided that we would continue to treat ourselves and ordered an Indian takeaway that we had delivered to the site. We sat down on a proper seat - well picnic table and scoffed our faces. By now the sky was starting to get darker as the night crept in, so we completed our night time routines and retired to bed. I had decided to complete the last leg of the walk to Dover in one day rather than the suggested two following the North Downs Way, so a 5am wake us was coming.

Distance - 0 

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