Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Title - Rest day with mod cons

Sunday 29 June

Our B&B ( meadowfarmcaldecott.co.uk )was also a working farmhouse run by Jenny and David.  Both had welcomed us into their home the night before with wonder and amusement at our story in getting there ( 250 plus miles etc ) and where we were heading. 
We both woke very happy at the fact that we had a big bed with lovely clean bedding and a bathroom with bath at our disposal for the whole day and evening to come.  These simple things are becoming BIG things in our lives !  We were also happy that we had the whole day to plan the coming 10 days and nights before we make a trip home for a family gathering.  The inspiration to plan and book so many nights in advance had come from my now established dislike of the ‘ we will find somewhere’ strategy.

Our many hours on the internet was nicely broken by going to the local pub for Sunday Lunch.

Most nights for the coming period were successfully booked - details of which will be shared in coming blogs, but a few were still to be sorted.  One night to be sorted was the night after leaving our current abode, and that was to contact Geddington Scouts to see if they would allow us to dorm in their Scout Hall.  Jane, the contact for this Scout Group was very enthusiastic in helping us find somewhere to stay but unfortunately it couldn’t be at the Scout Hut for one reason or another, BUT she informed that the Scout Group would put us up in a local hotel, and that we would be very welcome to have dinner at her house that evening !  Both Tony and I were very humbled ( and I got a bit weepy ) at her generosity and gladly accepted the offer.

Distance - 0

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