Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Saturday 28 June

This was a long day - 19 miles in total from one B&B to another ( need to get back to roughing it ).  It was a cooler day, and it rained intermittently - very annoying having to put on and remove waterproofs.  
We arrived at Barrowden for one of our meet-ups, and went to the village Community Store ( Barrowden & Wakerley Community Shop ) for a dry-out and cuppa .  It turned into a very interesting and hopefully mutually beneficial interlude.  The Community Store has been running for almost 5 years now and is going from strength to strength although it is a constant challenge to get volunteers to man/woman it.  The Chairman of the Store who was on duty that day with 2 others was very interested in our venture and asked if he could take our photo and put us on his ‘ news’ section of the Store website.  We of course agreed, and enthusiastically let him know that when our ( abbeywalks.co.uk ) website is up and running including a link to his Store, and people walk our walk/s his Store would get much more passing trade.  Very exciting for both parties involved.
We left Barrowden feeling very inspired.  
The day continued as it had started - more rain, then none, then more.  I arrived at Caldecott an hour earlier than Tony and checked into the B&B.
We had kettle made cous cous pot meals for tea in our room.
Tomorrow is to be our rest day, so no alarm was set for the morning - heaven.

Distance - 19 miles
Distance since Helmsley - 253 miles

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