Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Title - Guests of honour

Monday 30 June

Another lovely breakfast cooked by our hostess Jenny was devoured, and we said our farewells.  
We started together on a country lane and soon parted company with springs in our steps / wheels…
The sky was blue again indicating that the cloudy and changeable weather of the last 2 days was over.  Shorts ( default lower body clothing ) were on again - hooray !

We met at Great Easton, Cottingham, Wilbarston, Pipewell to get to our destination village Geddington.
We had the deadline of being at our evening meal host’s house at 6.30 pm so needed to get a move on in order to check into hotel and shower before then.  Today was therefore rather a route march for Tony.  I, on the other hand, did my usual ( by choice, not due to lack of ability ) wavering around in the country lanes, sometimes actually going round in a circle just to show myself that I could - some may call this dillydallying. I had to pull myself into line when a vehicle wanted to share my road space.  
Tony performed like a trooper, and kept to his necessary average of just over 3 miles an hour in order to do the distance in time.  It was a struggle for him at points due to fields being totally overgrown with shoulder high nettles that he had to wade through whilst wearing waterproof trousers as armoured protection, plus farmers obscuring footpath signs leading to time taken to do micro navigation, plus another bovine incident - we are lucky that he arrived at all !

We arrived at Jane’s house for our evening meal, and it was a full house too !  The local Vicar Rob and his wife Sarah and 2 children Jasmine and Thomas had also been invited, as Jane thought that they would be interested in our walk - they were.  With Jane’s husband Mark, and their children Emily and Megan there were 10 of us.  We had a lovely meal and very entertaining chit chat, so a VERY BIG THANK YOU to the Rowley household + friends !

Distance - 15 miles
Total since Helmsley - 268 miles

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