Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Airbnb Virgins

Tuesday 24 June

We set off from the campsite in the usual fashion - slowly, both of us just warming up into our respective means of transport.
We were heading for an ‘ Airbnb ‘ ( website where households have a room that they want to rent out advertise, and bed / room seekers search and find ) room at Hungerton ( ‘ Room in the Middle of Nowhere’ ).  We had camped for 4 days in a row and were very much looking forward to a solid roof being over our head,  the added benefit of not having to erect the tent in order to sleep, plus the luxury of a bath at our disposal !  
The route took us both up and down quite a few hills again.  Weather was muggy, with 2 heavy rain showers.  We hoped that the rain showers would lessen the mugginess, but it was not to be.

We arrived at Hungerton mid afternoon, and were greeted very warmly by our hosts.  We’re sat here still, in a lovely country kitchen with ‘stenders on in the background chit chatting with some lovely people.

Having done some research on the next few days walking routes and possible campsites / accommodation options it looks like ‘wild camping’ is on the cards again ….moooooooo!!

Distance today - 8.5 miles
Distance since Helmsley - 191.8 miles

Belvoir Castle

The Viking Way


  1. Awesome - nearly 200 miles already. Well done both of you.

  2. Sound's like your moooooving on with a good pace. Stay safe

  3. Don't let Bill Bryson or Gervase Phin steal your manuscript. There could be a best seller in it.