Monday, 16 June 2014

Leeds Kirkstall Abbey to Wakefield -

Well an early begining to today Thursday 12th June - 6am start ready to catch the 7.20 train from home to the start of todays walk

8am outside Leeds station at the canal basin - so which way is it? Today we will follow the canal most of the way, it is a hot sunny day so plenty of suntan lotion applied, sunglasses on and sun hats at the ready!

We followed the canal through the old industrial heritage of Leeds, past the old mills and warehouses that have either been converted to posh waterside apartments or modern office blocks. Some might say it's not what it used to be, but as we walk past one building that as laid dormant, empty and semi-derilict for the last twenty years - these relics of the past should be used.

As we walked hand in hand, Tony doing most of the talking this time, we came to the end of the one of the canal boat resting spots. We turned right into another industrial estate and stopped. After much head scratching, GPS gazing to identify where we were, we retraced our steps and then saw the path off to the left.

Lesson 1: When not sure where you are - stop, look all around at what you can see, this might help you decide where to go next........

We continued past Thwaite Mill, now a museum until we left the canal at Woodlesford and onto tarmac......o how I just love tarmac!

We next had to turn left to resume the walk through lush fields, could we see the turn......

Lesson 2: Look at the map and when it shows a minor road coming from the right this means a road and not a track to the local cricket field......

The sun shone and the day got hotter, Rachel asked how far the days walk was, I explained there was an option of heading to Outwood station to make the day shorter, this was greeted with a big smile. So Outwood station here come.

In no time at all we arrived at the Stanley Ferry which brought back memories of Rachels' Grandma Rita and Grandma Maggie and the family gathering they had there. "O so that's where we are is it" Tony exclaimed - "I think we have gone too far!"

I offered Rachel the choice, either carry onto Wakefield or we retrace our steps and walk to Outwood - not much in the distance.

Lesson 3: Always have a catch point on your walk so you don't go further than you intend to.

Suffice to say it was agreed that we return to the canal and follow this to the outskirts of Wakefield before making our way into the urban sprawl.

4pm saw us eventually jumping on the train to head home after 17 miles walking, ready to do it all again in the morning. Rachel asleep before we left Wakefield station

(just catching up with the days previous, will be up to date soon)

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