Thursday, 19 June 2014

Definitely better than yesterday

Wednesday - 18 June

In the morning, as we were eating our porridge made with water,  the man who gave us permission  to sleep on consecrated ground, and the lady who puts the church bins ( and much more besides I’m sure ) came out came to see us for a chat.  They were both very friendly and interested in our undertaking ( scuse the pun ). Alan the warden was later seen with a can of spray paint in the church grounds - hope he didn’t leave his ‘tag’ on the church walls…….lol

Also a big thank you to Wendy (the other church warden ) and Chris who very kindly offered bathroom facilities after brekky - showers and cups of tea were also offered but we politely declined as we needed to press on.
As we left the village to pick up the path for today we spied a nice quiet, secluded lush piece of grass - ideal for camping on !!! 

The rest of the day went pretty much to plan i.e. walking + cycling together where the paths permitted, or separately where not.  The last part of the route for the day was along a canal tow path that took us into Worksop.
We were ( pre booked this time ! ) campsite bound for the evening on the south side of Worksop. After ( what seems to be becoming a regular thing ) missing the rectangular brown sign with tent and caravan on it we travelled approx 2 miles through Worksop housing estates before eventually finding our destination.  The evening was very pleasant with our first evening meal made on the new ‘ Spider Stove’.  An early night was had.

Distance covered - 12 miles

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  1. That's a better day. It would be good to see the total distance covered as well. Ps this is Simon F.