Sunday, 22 June 2014

Routine has established itself

Friday - 20 June

We are pretty much in the routine now of checking road ( Rachel ) + walking ( Tony ) maps first thing to establish meeting points where we can either have a goods / food transfer from Rachel to Tony, or exchange simple pleasantries with a wee kiss, or to sit down and have lunch. 
Where a bike can go along a walking / bridle route then I either ride just in front of Tony acting as a pacer ( ! ) or I walk alongside him in order to give my now pretty well healed shin splint muscle some strengthening exercise.  Where a bike can’t go where a man can, then my roads are a combination of ( usually quiet ) country lanes and busier more main roads that I can’t avoid. 

Today was combination of all of the above ( stopping points and types of road / paths ).  We headed  for New Hall Farm camp site and arrived at our destination separately. We had both walked ( yes I walked and pushed bike ) up a very big hill to reach the camp site which was situated on the brow of said hill with views all around - beautiful.
We were made very welcome here by a young farmer and his farmer father who were very interested in our journey.  

The evening was very pleasant with our now staple noodle + misc veg + chopped toms + cheese meal, but this time had pudding - a Bounty + ice-cream !
I slept like a baby, but Tony woke to sounds of what sounded like a ritual sacrifice happening in one of the valleys below, with bongo drums and singing - it was ‘ Mo-Fest’ a local music festival that was being held that night in a field owned by a farmer called Mo.

Distance covered - 15 miles + 1.5 to campsite

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