Friday, 27 June 2014

Nice legs, shame about your shorts, Tony

Thursday 26 June ( Rachel’s mum’s Birthday ! )

Well, the previous night’s wild camping expectation did not disappoint.  It wasn’t really a nice thought not knowing where we would lay our heads that night, and was stressful finding somewhere ( repeat asking random dog walking villagers, + pub bar staff for use of grass at rear of establishment, or if they know of any friendly villagers or farmers, with the answer being a resounding ‘ no’ ).
We wandered through Swayfield in the late evening feeling like lepers, when I spotted a lovely flat lawn at the front of a house that was clearly being renovated.  There was movement from behind the hedge.  I dared put my head beyond the gate entrance to see a bare chested young man with hedge trimmer in hand.  I smiled sweetly at him and gave him the spiel…..long distance walk, come a cropper for accommodation, tent, self sufficient, on your lawn ?  To my absolute delight he welcomed us !   I phoned Tony ( who was hiding down yonder lane in case the hedge trimmer was used to chase us away - he would need a head start without bike ), to inform him that I had secured a flat, safe, and legal piece of lawn for us to sleep on that night.  
The only request from our new best friend was that we were away for 7 am, as he was going to work then and preferred us to be away by then too.  We dutifully set our alarms for 5 am, and were gone by 6.  When I say gone, I mean we sleepily got ourselves to a bench at the side of the road just round the corner and set up stove in order to cook porridge + tea for breakfast ( see photo ).
Thank you ? for letting us sleep on your lawn - a true Samaritan.

Tony’s walk during Thursday was a pleasant and relaxing one.  He wasn't very happy, however, that his newly washed and clean shorts were yet again very quickly stained by the pea / bean plants that he had to wade / struggle through again today.  His legs were also again regularly whipped and strangled by misc binding type plants and nettles.

It was another very hot and sunny day.  Tony has worn his sun-hat everyday whilst walking.  I have worn my bike helmet everyday too. Nina, my hairdresser would be so disappointed if she knew.  

We had a lovely rest stop at Pickworth, Lincolnshire. It is hard to believe that over 200 people used to live in the village and had a pub until it fell into decline. Now it seeing a resurgence with 70 people living there now.
We arrived at Road End Camp Site, Great Casterton, a basic campsite - well there is basic and basic. No hot water, no plugs for the sinks and no dishwashing facilities.  

Lesson for today: Carry spare sink plugs - they weigh ‘nowt!

I cycled to and from Waitrose ( such a treat ! ) at Stamford ( a very nice market town with many very well spoken school children walking from school bus to town ) for some much needed provisions. 

We ended the evening at the pub close to the campsite, where we plugged and charged no less than 4 appliances.

Distance - 15.10 miles
Distance since Helmsley - 222.50 miles

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