Thursday, 19 June 2014

First Rain

After a Costa Coffee and M&S sandwiches bought to charge Tony’s phone and use the free wi-fi, we headed off for Wellow, and our destination B&B ( hooray ! ).  
The day was half together travel, and half not.  Quite a chunk was through Nottingham Forest / Clumber Park which was a change from the open fields and big skies that we have had the last few days. 
At Hardwick Village in Clumber Park ( National Trust ) Tony asked me to suss out the Visitor Attraction Centre for coffee or such like. I cycled down a very big hill and found a caravan near some lakes that was selling quality coffee and teas.  I then cycled + pushed the bike back up the aforementioned very big hill to report back to Tony ( no phone signal ).  In the meantime Tony had dawdled just a few hundred yards down a minor slope and had found the very same caravan from the other side.   Feeling used and abused ( well, not quite ) I took comfort in the fact that I was becoming more like Lizzie Armistead with every hour.

Althougth we had been advised that that there was no suitable campsite for us in the area, Tony walked past Walesby Forest International Scout Activity Centre - obviously wasn't meant to be.  The Maypole Boutique Hotel at Wellow was !

Rain did show itself during the afternoon in the form of heavy drizzle - not enough to moan about so we were thankful.

Distance covered  - 13 miles

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