Thursday, 19 June 2014

Le Grand Depart from home - deferred


Monday morning very much anticipated departure from home ( not to return for a good number of weeks ) was deferred to an evening departure.  Certain tasks had to be completed before leaving the house, namely trying to complete the erection of a log cabin in our back garden which had been started only 2 days earlier - why was such a task even started with the impending departure looming I ask myself ( Rachel here, in case you didn't realise ! ) ?  A very big thank you, however, to Tony ( and Ben - couldn't have managed without him ), as we now have a lovely outside office / garden room / expensive garden equipment storage facility / stable at the rear of our property.

Since ‘ feckin shin splint’ day, we revised our plan - Tony was to walk and I was to cycle alongside-ish.  We prepared accordingly.
The evening train to Wombswell ( from near where we would start our next stretch of walk ) was taken, heading for the Holiday Inn.  We arrived at Wombswell station, and Tony phoned for a taxi ( yes, walkers don't always like to walk ).  Taxi arrived and set off, and I pedalled like billio to keep up and follow.  The taxi driver very kindly pulled over every so often so that he didn't disappear out of my view.  Both parties arrived at the Holiday Inn, and the very kind taxi driver allowed Tony’s journey to be ‘ on the house’ due to our story ( the big walk ) and due to the amusement of me chasing him by bike, which made his day.

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