Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rest Day ( but not for Rachel )

Monday 23 June

We arrived at Belvoir ( pronounced Beever ) Campsite the evening before.  We were very pleased at the prospect of spending 2 nights at this site ie the day between was to be our first rest day.  
We established that we needed a few essential items to be able to live comfortably ( ! ? ) for the next day or so, including a gas canister for our new spider stove, have I mentioned this before ?  The campsite was basic - no hot showers there yet but are in the pipeline….but plenty of hot water.

On the morning of the Rest Day, I rose early so that I could cycle to Grantham to purchase our necessary items with the idea of returning later that morning and then have the whole of the afternoon to chillax.  I allowed Tony a lie-in but he was up shortly after I left.
I set off with my mini shopping list and bags for purchased provisions.  Rather than the 20 mins to cycle the 6 miles ( road sign distance ) it took me 1.5 hours to reach Grantham via hilly country roads plus the canal tow path in order to avoid yet more hills.
Necessary items were purchased, I returned via the same route and arrived back at site at 2.30 pm.  I was slightly miffed that my wee jaunt had taken all but 5 hours ( almost solid cycling ), but was pleased to get back and do nothing for the rest of the day.

‘Nothing’ consisted of us writing blog, writing walk notes for the last 10 days, doing research on accommodation / sites for coming days, doing the obligatory emptying mini-ruck sack +  cycle bag x 2 content all over the grass, moving it around and re-packing - very satisfying indeed.

Distance today - 0

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