Tuesday, 6 February 2018

St Augustine Way - Genoa - Rest Day, Italy

Day 8
Genoa rest day
Well it was nice to wake up and not have to walk. Breakfast was brought to us a 9am and was ok, but not a full English or even a partial one.
As is always the case for me.....the priorities are wash as much of my clothes without having to wander around in the birthday suit all day. Catch up on blogs and rest the legs.
Genoa is a calling point for the big cruise liners and the town itself is steeped in history. Resting is always my priority so I left the sightseeing to the ladies.

After resting most of the day, Claire called mid afternoon and we got together in the Piazza for a pasta lunch. The ladies had wine....well they are on holiday, I stuck to water.
I returned back to the apartment to complete some more work and then decided to stretch my legs and have a look around the Cathedral. St Augustine who's journey I am recreating spent some time in Genoa and so I decided to venture to the Monastery. Sadly the church itself has been deconsecrated and the main part of the monastery was destroyed in the second world war. The building was unusual in the the cloister was triangular and is still in place today. I had a wander around the modern museum within the footprint of the abbey but it did not provide any more information about Augustine.
Back at the apartment dinner was in full swing and no sooner was I through the door when I glass of vino was passed my way. Dinner was a wonderful evening, a simple meal, wine and good conversation and a bit of reminiscing about the walk so far.
9pm we were retiring to our rooms ready for the walk ahead in the morning.

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