Thursday, 15 February 2018

St Augustine Way - Just a fine evening, Italy

Day 13. Just a fine evening
After I arrived in the hotel, I was soon back in my own little world and routine - washing clothes, washing me, resting, finding somewhere to eat, planning the next days walk, writing.
My top tip for eating in Italy is to firstly try to find a local Osteria. These are usually family owned, if you are really lucky Mama is the cook and they don't charge a Coperto....effectively a sit down fee / cover charge. Claire and I have found that sometimes in the bigger cities they still charge, the details have to be printed on the menu. So if it's not there, there's no charge. Sometimes they will add water and bread to the charge too, again printed on the menu.
This evening I found and Osteria only 5 minutes walk from the hotel, it had good Tripadvisor reviews and it catered for vegetarians.... I always eat about 7pm when travelling so I'm usually first in a restaurant but tonight was different as there were already a handful of guests.....always a good sign.
I was greeted warmly and shown to my table and whilst listening / watching 70's classic music on a large screen, I chose my food and drinks. Yes it sounds strange to have a large screen in a restaurant showing music. But I have to admit there were quite a few that I'd not heard in a long time but they were oh so familiar... It turned out that this was in fact also a live music venue. Whilst waiting for my meal a few musicians arrived including someone with a I have to admit I love a good Sax.
Half way through my meal the band struck up. Initially I was disappointed that the 70's music had stopped, but with Italian folky toe tapping music being played, I have to admit I did stretch my meal out......and had a pudding too.
The band turned out to be very good indeed and the Saxophone was not disappointing but unfortunately with another reasonable day ahead of me in the morning I had to leave. 
I dreamily made my way back to the hotel and was soon tucked up and in la la land...........

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