Tuesday, 20 February 2018

St Augustine Way - Torrazza, Italy

Day 15. Evening time
I'd made enquires about restaurants in Torrazza and was informed, as there were none, my host would provide a meal for €15. When I checked in, I confirmed this and was told in Italian what to do and where to go. Roughly translated into English............I didn't have a clue, but basically I believe I was to go downstairs and outside, down the passageway and then who knows what? All clear!
So after completing all my chores including writing a blog, at 7.30pm I ventured out of my room and hesitated at the top of the stairs. Decision made to continue the bottom door opened and an Italian man called, "Tony"........"Si" I replied. Oh, come on down lad, grab yourself a pint glass and a bottle of wine as you pass and I'll take you to your table. Well I'm sure he said that in Italian.
He proceed to take me into the downstairs room with a beautiful brick vaulted ceiling and down a small spiral staircase into the dining room. This was also resplendent in it's original style but tastefully modernised. After being sat down and provided with a bottle of local wine to help myself, I decided to have a sneaky peak around the lower ground floor. It transpired that the original instructions I had been given were correct as there was a large door in the room leading to the outside. I'm guessing that this was the preferred route for guests to take to avoid the very narrow spiral staircase. In one corner room a small kitchen preparation area and the other a small storage room, but all rooms open plan. I'm guessing that at one time this may have been a cellar or a place that the animals / chickens may have lived.
I'd informed my host that I was vegetarian and my meal turned out to be one of the tastiest home cooked meals provided in a non restaurant. 
Antipasta (starter) Home made Ligurian vegetable soup with a variety of fresh non white breads.
Primo (first plate) A selection of four cheeses and finely sliced roasted root vegetables. Home made tomato Foccacia bread and boiled eggs as side dishes to choose from. With more wine.
Secondi (second plate) Home made fruit sponge and a fruit basket to help myself. Oh.....more wine
I have to admit I ate the lot and retired to my room, waddling and weaving up the stairs as I went.
If you are in the area, I would not hesitate in recommending Dal Patriarca www.dalpatriarcabb.it

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